Social Security Disability Benefits

Have you applied for Social Security Disability or SSI benefits? If you have, odds are your application was denied. You’re not alone, many applicants are initially denied. The steps you take after an initial denial are very important, in part because the clock is ticking. Once your application is denied, you can give up on your application, continue the process alone, or work with an attorney to represent you through the coming appeals and hearings.

A Reconsideration request must be filed within 60 days of when you receive your initial denial notice. A reconsideration is the first appeal option available when you are denied Social Security Disability benefits. Statistically the outcomes of reconsiderations are consistent with the initial denial, although in some cases it is possible to win your claim at this stage. If your reconsideration request is also denied, the next appeal option is an administrative law hearing.

The administrative law hearing is your best chance to obtain Social Security Disability benefits once you’ve been denied at the previous stages. At this stage the statistics are better, nearly half of all hearings result in the claimant receiving benefits. The request for a hearing must be filed within 60 days of when you receive notice of your reconsideration denial. The hearing is your chance to present additional evidence to refute the Social Security Administration’s objections, present testimony, and present your case for benefits. The right attorney can make a difference in your case. Are you prepared to fight the government alone or are you ready to get legal help today?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Attorney?

In Social Security Disability cases, there is no attorney fee unless you win. If we do win your case, the attorney fee is the lesser of 25% of past-due benefits (benefits you’ve already been denied for) or $5,300.00. All fees must be approved by the Social Security Administration. Hiring an attorney does not reduce your regularly monthly benefit checks. Client are responsible for costs.

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